10 Common Skip Bins Uses

A Guide for Aussie Homeowners and Businesses

Got a pile of junk taking up space? Unsure what to do with all that junk? Skip bins are the answer.

These large metal containers are a convenient and affordable way to dispose of waste and unwanted items.

In this guide, skip bin professionals will explore the top 10 most common uses for skips in Australia.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of when and why you may need to hire a skip.

1. Spring Cleaning and Household Garbage

Spring is the perfect time for a thorough cleanout. As you declutter and organise, odds and ends can really start to pile up. Old broken furniture, kids’ toys, electrical wire, and outgrown clothes need to go somewhere. Renting a bin gives you an easy way to discard all those unneeded household items.

Skip bins are also handy for general household types of waste materials. If you’ve done any renovation project or minor demolition, a skip is great for hauling away old building materials. Day-to-day junk can accumulate quickly too. A skip lets you ditch it all at once, keeping your property neat and tidy.

2. Garden Waste and Green Junk

Does your backyard look like a jungle? Overgrown trees, woody shrubs and unruly grass can produce huge volumes of waste like green waste. Trimming back your garden often causes a giant pile of branches, grasses and clippings.

Loading all this vegetation into your normal bins is difficult and time-consuming. The most efficient solution is to rent a bin specifically for garden refuse. In one afternoon, you can prune, haul and discard debris that would take weeks to remove bit-by-bit.

3. Renovations and Remodelling

Given Australia’s obsession with improvement TV shows, it’s no surprise renovations are wildly popular. As you demolish and rebuild parts of your house, heaps of waste get generated.

Old flooring ripped up, broken tiles in the bathroom, chunks of drywall. A  bin can handle all these heavy, bulky materials. No need to laboriously load your car again and again. Just toss the debris into the skip for easy removal.

4. Construction and Building Projects

From small extensions to massive development sites, construction generates insane amounts of junk. Brick, concrete, wood, drywall, roofing and more must be disposed of efficiently.

For professional builders and tradies, getting a construction skip hire service is a no-brainer. They make quick work of carrying and dumping unwanted materials. Once the project is done, the skip full of waste is removed from the worksite.

5. Office and Commercial Junk

Running a company comes with heaps of waste and recycling. Staff lunch leftovers, reams of scrap paper, broken office equipment and endless stacks of cardboard.

Regular office wheelie bin fill up fast. A commercial skip bin placed in the storage yard or parking lot gives you ample room to take out the trash. Cleaning and clearing out storage areas is also much easier with a skip on hand. But it may require council’s approval for bigger bins.

6. Retail and Restaurant Refuse

For shops, cafes and other retailers, dealing with junk is a huge issue. Display contents get damaged, food scraps pile up and packaging needs discarding.

Storing bags of unwanted things is unsightly for customers and attracts pests. A junk bin stationed near the back exit provides a tidy, sanitary waste solution. Staff can frequently load up the skip without fuss.

7. Recycling Processing

These days, responsible recycling is more important than ever. Sorting recyclables efficiently is key to proper waste management.

Setting up a recycling trash bin at community events, multi-family properties streamlines the recycling process. Employees, residents and attendees can quickly deposit bottles, cans, paper and more without contamination.

8. Junk Removal and Estate Cleanouts

Dealing with a deceased person’s belongings is never easy. On top of grief, clearing out their home and discarding unwanted property is hugely stressful.

Getting an estate cleanout skip simplifies this difficult task. Family members can work through the deceased’s house methodically, using the skip for anything broken, worthless or unsalvageable.

9. Storm and Flood Damage

From cyclones to major thunderstorms, Australia’s extreme weather often leaves behind destruction. Homes and gardens bear the brunt of Mother Nature’s fury.

In the aftermath, damaged foliage, debris and household items need removing. Calling a skip bin company is the fastest way to clean up thoroughly. Load the storm remnants into the wheelie bin and start the process of rebuilding.

10. Emergency Waste Situations

Home emergencies require quick cleanup too. A burst pipe leads to water damage and ruined possessions. A vehicle accident strews food waste or hazardous materials like auto parts in your driveway.

In urgent scenarios like these, bins provide instant waste relief. You can discard problematic materials safely and responsibly. Don’t let an emergency trash pileup become a long-term headache.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skip bins size should I get?

Choose a skip bin size based on your expected waste volume. Mini skip bin 2-4 cubic yard skips work well for household unwanted junk. Larger 8-40 yard bins are ideal for major renovations and commercial projects and costs more.

Where can I place a skip bin?

Skip bins can be conveniently delivered to your house, office, or construction site. Place them on a flat surface near the waste, making sure this option is safely accessible.

How much waste can a skip bin hold?

An average 2 cubic yard skip holds about 1000 kg of waste disposal. Larger construction skips can hold up to 6000+ kg. Don’t overload it with extremely heavy items.

What can I put in a skip bin?

Most residential and commercial waste is fine for skips. However, hazardous or banned materials like chemicals, liquids and asbestos are prohibited.

How long can I keep a skip bin?

Standard rental periods are 5-14 days. Extensions may be possible for longer projects. A reputable company will pick it up promptly when you’re done.


With this guide, you now understand the incredible usefulness of skip bins for waste management.

From home renovations to commercial unwanted rubbish, skips make your life easier.

Decluttering and cleaning up have never been more straightforward.

Call your local skip company to get an affordable bin dropped off today.

Ditch the trash and reclaim your space. You’ll be amazed how good it feels.