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Are you overwhelmed by the mountain of rubbish piling up in your yard? Struggling to find the perfect solution to rid yourself of all that unnecessary waste cluttering your space?

You’re not alone. Many people face this exact problem. They have a loads of rubbish, but no idea how to dispose it off efficiently and responsibly.

From our experience spanning over a decade, SMART Skip Bins Brisbane knows precisely what could solve your waste problem. Skip bins! But wait, not just any skip bin… It has to be the RIGHT size for you!

Navigating through different skip bin sizes can indeed become quite tricky. That’s why we’re here with an array of choices ranging from mini skips (2m³) suitable for small clean-ups, all the way up to maxi skips (18m³), perfect for larger demolition or construction projects.

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How to Choose Your Size

If it’s garden debris or small DIY junk, our smaller sized bins 2-4 cubic metres will suffice.

Medium projects may need something larger like a 6-9 cubic metres bin. For those major clear-outs or renovation tasks. Go big and consider our jumbo-sized skips from 10-15 cubic metres.

Remember, gauge your skip based on both volume and type of waste. Larger items can quickly fill even the biggest bin!

Stop stressing over rubbish removal now that you’ve got insight on skip bin sizes.

The perfect skip bin size for all your waste disposal needs awaits you!

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Sizes We Offer

SMART Skip Bins Brisbane offers a large selection of skip bin sizes fitted for various purposes. Here’s a little info on our available options:

2m3 Skip Bin1.8m x 1.4m x 0.9m

Ideal for those minor cleanups or small garden or green waste removal tasks. And, it can easily fit in most driveways.

3m3 Skip Bin2.0m x 1.6m x 1.0m

It works well for bathroom renovations and small construction projects.

4m3 Skip Bin2.5m x 1.6m x 1.0m

A primary choice for medium-sized cleanup projects. Think office clean-outs or small construction jobs.

6m3 Skip Bin3.2m x 1.6m x 1.2m

Super handy for more extensive household clear-outs or smaller building projects.

8m3 Skip Bin- 3.6m x 1.6m x 1.3m

Ideal when you’re into heavy-duty construction or major home renovation projects.

10m3 Skip Bin- 4.0m x 1.7m x 1.5m

Ticks all the boxes for larger scale projects dimensions. Suitable for comprehensive office cleanouts or residential remodelling tasks.

12m3 Skip Bin- 4.4m x 1.8m x 1.5m

Optimal choice when you’ve got serious construction work or large-scale industrial cleanup on your hands.

15m3 Skip Bin- 4.8m x 1.8m x 1.6m

Capable of handling anything you throw its way. From substantial builders’ waste to large office initial cleanups.

18m3 Skip Bin5.2m x 1.8m x 1.7m

This is your go-to choice for extensive industrial waste disposal or mammoth commercial projects.


What if I have heavy items?

Good question! Even though our skip bins can handle a lot, they do have their weight limits. If you’re dealing with ultra-heavy items like concrete, rocks or soil. Just get in touch with our office and we’ll guide you on the best way to dispose of these heavyweight champs safely.

Can I put construction material including bricks into the hired bins?

Yes, bricks are some of the common materials disposed in our bins. However, there could be exceptions depending on industry-specific restrictions or rules set by national waste management authorities. Always consult with us first when unsure about certain types of materials.

Can I use your service for commercial purposes?

Absolutely! Our skip bin hire service is versatile, serving both residential and commercial clients across different industries. Whether you’re in construction, retail, or any other field, we’ve got a solution that suits your waste management needs.

Expert Tip:

When hiring a skip bin, always consider giving an accurate description of the type and amount of waste you intend to dispose of. This ensures that you get the right skip bin size and type of bin specific to your needs, enhances safe disposal practices, and helps in proper waste segregation for recycling. Remember, efficient waste management contributes positively not just to individual projects but also to the broader community and environment.

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