Council Permits

You’re probably here because you’ve run into that little thing known as council permits. Yep, those bits of legal paperwork that can put a halt to even the most well-laid plans.

We know a thing or two about local regualtions. We’ve been dealing with all things council permit related for over a decade. So let’s just say we know our way around the ropes. As fully licensed and insured professionals, we’ve got your back.

Why does the Council Require a Permit?

So you might be wondering, “why does my local Brisbane council need me to get a permit?” It may seem like needless bureaucracy but trust us; it’s for good reasons.

Your local council requires permits because they’re charged with looking after the safety and amenity of public spaces – and yes, this includes where you want to place your skip bin. Essentially, these permits help keep everyone ticking along happily without any unexpected roadblocks (pun intended).

When Does the Council Require a Permit?

This leads us nicely onto our next question: when exactly does the council need me to get one of these permits?

Well, if your skip bin is going to be parked on anything publicly owned like footpaths or nature strips – ding dong! You will require a permit. Likewise for if it may block access routes or obstruct views.

Dealing with paperwork isn’t everyone’s cup of tea…and that’s where we come in. At SMART Skip Bins, we handle everything from waste disposal to obtaining those tricky council permits on your behalf!

Relax in knowing that with us in charge of sorting out your skip bins and associated permits; satisfaction is 100% guaranteed – saving you heaps of time and energy better spent elsewhere.

In short: cut through the red tape with us by your side. Because getting stuff done shouldn’t be hard work right?


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